Elsie Finlayson Ogden

Diane - July 1, 2016

Red Flowering Gums (1)Elsie Rankine Finlayson was the headmistress of Presbyterian College in Peppermint Grove, Perth, Western Australia from 1923 till 1927. She was a very well loved and respected headmistress but met Wilfred Ogden, an orchardist and after marrying him moved to Enderslea in 1930. She became an active member of the Bindoon Country Womens Association and was always involved in the improvement in …

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Red Flowering Gums

Diane - May 14, 2016

Red Flowering Gums   was performed at Enderslea Farm during the National Trust Heritage Festival of 2015. It is being performed again on Friday and Saturday the 16th and 17th of September 2016 at 2pm It is being repeated during the Bindoon Wildflower Festival 2016 During 1929 Western Australia is celebrating its centenary. Join four spirited women discussing art, education social conditions and their lives during this …

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May Gibbs Special Early Announcement for Friends of Enderslea Farm

Diane - March 20, 2016
May Gibbs Drawing of "Are We Downhearted?" is my favourite of all her Drawings.

   MAY GIBBS SPECIAL EARLY ANNOUNCEMENT FOR FRIENDS OF ENDERSLEA FARM This announcement is for all friends of Enderslea Farm who like to attend the plays that have been performed here over the last three years. Tickets have always been booked out surprisingly  quickly. Friends, this will  keep you informed about the exciting production plans for the 2017 new play. UNCOVERING MAY GIBBS Friday 15th, …

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‘Uncovering May Gibbs’ 2017 Enderslea Farm Play

Diane - March 7, 2016
Mr and Mrs Bear is just one of many May Gibbs  books, many of them are first editions, that are held in the Enderslea Farm book collection.

‘UNCOVERING MAY GIBBS‘ is the title of  the next play commissioned for Enderslea Farm.  It will be first performed  during the Bindoon Wildflower Festival September 2017 Friday 15th 2pm, Saturday 16th 11am and 2pm Sunday 20th 2pm September 2017 As always a delicious morning or afternoon tea will be catered by the Country Womens Association. Ticket Price: $37 Bookings are necessary and can be made …

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A new addition to Enderslea Collections

Diane - June 6, 2015

I have a collectors gene surely inherited from my father Ken Clarke. For instance he was always interested in adding vintage farming equipment to that which was already left at Enderslea Farm when he bought it in 1975. We have lots of various pieces….unfortunately most rusting outside as it is just too demanding to keep them in good condition. We do have a big old …

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And now, the Governors wife. For production in 2016 at Enderslea Farm.

Diane - May 25, 2015
Governors Wife

    And Now The Governor’s Wife Booking online: www.trybooking.com.au Or contact us here. The wonderful afternoon tea provided by the Bindoon Country Women’s Association is included in the ticket price of $35. Wine tastings from Carmel and Nick Humphry of Bindoon Wine give a vintage flourish to finish the Friday 29th April, Saturday 30th April and Sunday 1st May 2016, Festival afternoons. This new …

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Sarah of Enderslea Farm is now published

Diane - April 21, 2015

Its really exciting to have published a first book. Scriptwriter and actress Jenny Davis has written 2 plays that Diane Pope commissioned and performed at Enderslea Farm. A third was performed at Government House. These are now published under the collection title SARAH OF ENDERSLEA FARM. This is the name of the first play that was originally performed in the stone Barn built by ticket-of-leave …

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Waler Warhorses

Diane - April 13, 2015
Enderslea Farm Waler Warhorses WW1 d

These photos were taken, amongst many others, by photographer Alun Bartsch in early 2014. MAGO FILMS spent the day at Enderslea Farm filming a farewell scene for a documentary called Australia’s Warrior Horses about the Waler Horses that were used in World War 1. The term Waler is just a shortening of New South Wales. They were bred there for their sturdy resilience under very …

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Easter 2015

Diane - April 6, 2015
Enderslea Farm Aerial Photograph Chittering Valley

We had a really happy lunch at Enderslea Farm this Easter saturday. It was quite international. Nathalie and Carlo bought his cousins Ilaria and Andrea from Italy and Americans Jan and Ken Kavanagh bought Kens nephew Simon from Denmark. Both Jan and Ilaria bought cameras so some photos will be posted when they forward  some. Photos of the luncheon table will look very colourful. The …

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