Governors Wife

After being the tentative title for the next play to be produced at Enderslea Farm’s historic stone barn it is now the title. Jenny Davis has again been commissioned to script and direct another play for performance during the National Trust Heritage Festival 2016..The other two plays Sarah of Enderslea Farm and Red Flowering Gums were so successful that so many people said they looked forward to another play in 2016 that I was easily persuaded to continue the events. Next year the play will occur on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 29th and 30th and May 1st. With those dates my sister will be in Perth and she will be able to create the wonderful punch that was so popular at the last two plays. And by having the play on a third day I wont have to apologize to anyone for not having an available seat. And of course the Bindoon Country Womens Association will as always provide the luscious afternoon tea.
Plans for the play will involve 3 West Australian Governors wives. Ellen Stirling, Mrs Hampton and Lady Broome. We will take writers licence and have the three of them discussing together their own experiences during their time in Perth. The male actor will play George Fletcher Moore an Irish lawyer who composed and sang the song ‘Western Australia For Me> at the first Governors Ball in 1831. It was received with rapturous applause with much cheering , clapping and tears. The settlers need this reassurance that they had done the right thing in coming to the Swan River Colony. The first years were incredibly hard. This song was so popular that the colony was not named ‘hyperius’ which means facing west and was Governor Stirlings preferred choice. Ellen Stirling and George Fletcher will sing this song together during the play. Audience can join in if they wish.
I know this play will occur a year away but preparation for an entertaining and interesting historic play takes that long to successfully organize. If anyone has an idea for a more griping title please let me know.
We are thinking to try some cloud funding via Kickstart. That way we wont have to operate at a loss . We are determined to keep the ticket price low so everyone can afford to come. So keep in touch and best wishes to everyone.