May Gibbs Special Early Announcement for Friends of Enderslea Farm

March 20, 2016
May Gibbs Drawing of "Are We Downhearted?" is my favourite of all her Drawings.



This announcement is for all friends of Enderslea Farm who like to attend the plays that have been performed here over the last three years. Tickets have always been booked out surprisingly  quickly. Friends, this will  keep you informed about the exciting production plans for the 2017 new play.


Friday 15th, Saturday  16th and Sunday 17th of September 2017 at 2pm 

there will also be on Saturday 16th September an extra performance at 11am

Four  performances are now planned to be part of the BINDOON WILDFLOWER FESTIVAL of 2017

May Gibbs, Ethel Turner and Mary Grant Bruce

 wrote lovingly in their books about the  unique flowers and bush environment of Australia

1918 is the Centenary Year  of the publication of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie

This play will help you rediscover the enchantment Ethel Turner, May Gibbs and Mary Grant Bruce gave to readers, both adults and children,  who were interested in the Australian arts, bush environment  and stories.

May Gibbs lived in Western Australia from 1885 until 1909 when she left South Perth for the first time for art school in London. Initially as a child when she lived in Harvey she loved to  ride  on her pony “Brownie” discovering all the local wild flowers and bush creatures that she later made famous in her many illustrations and stories. She always loved to return to Perth even after she was married to James Ossoli Kelly, an Irish mining agent in Western Australia, and  they had moved to Sydney in 1913. Adults remember her books  with affection and children still love to discover them, particularly Snugglepot and Cuddlepie and the wise  old Kookaburra.  

Ethel Turner wrote the very popular Seven Little Australians and many other titles. Mary Grant Bruce wrote all the Billabong stories. After 1913 the three women  published  during the same years and would have known each other. Ethel Turner was established before May Gibbs and in fact May did some illustrations for Ethel’s work. Another illustrator in some of Ethel’s  books was David Henry Souter. I mention this in passing because he was a relative of my grand mother Elsie Souter.  I like to have even the most tenuous of links between the plays and Enderslea Farm!                                     


May Gibbs Drawing of "Are We Downhearted?" is my favourite of all her Drawings.

May Gibbs Drawing of “Are We Downhearted?” is my favourite of all her Drawings.

"Are We Downhearted was a World War One drawing first published in Westralian Gift Book

“Are We Downhearted “was a World War One drawing first published in Westralia Gift Book  in 1916.


UNCOVERING MAY GIBBS   is the first play devoted to May’s early  life  in Harvey, Perth and London. Her later illustrations, portraits, poems, cartoons and books later made her an Australian Icon. Ethel, May and Mary all had the same problems with their publishers over their work. Ethel Turner and Mary Grant Bruce in particular  wanted to write for an adult readership but it was always their children’s books that sold well. May’s husband is usually neglected in biographies but he is given a strong  role in the play. James Ossoli Kelly,  a charming Irishman, was a pioneer of the Western Australian goldfields both in Coolgardie and Marble Bar and thus has special interest for West Australians.

The play is written  and directed by Jenny Davis and is being produced by  Diane Pope

If you want more information or wish to make an early booking

Telephone Diane Pope at (08) 93865575 or                                      

Bookings also through:


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