Waler Warhorses

Diane - April 13, 2015
Enderslea Farm Waler Warhorses WW1 d

These photos were taken, amongst many others, by photographer Alun Bartsch in early 2014. MAGO FILMS spent the day at Enderslea Farm filming a farewell scene for a documentary called Australia’s Warrior Horses about the Waler Horses that were used in World War 1. The term Waler is just a shortening of New South Wales. They were bred there for their sturdy resilience under very …

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Easter 2015

Diane - April 6, 2015
Enderslea Farm Aerial Photograph Chittering Valley

We had a really happy lunch at Enderslea Farm this Easter saturday. It was quite international. Nathalie and Carlo bought his cousins Ilaria and Andrea from Italy and Americans Jan and Ken Kavanagh bought Kens nephew Simon from Denmark. Both Jan and Ilaria bought cameras so some photos will be posted when they forward  some. Photos of the luncheon table will look very colourful. The …

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The Clarke Family

Diane - April 4, 2015
Elsie Soutar Ford Enderslea Farm

The Clarke Family  History is very well researched by R.H. Clarke and recorded in his publication A Family History of the  CLARKES OF MELROSE, WESTERN AUSTRALIA   Sydney Walter Clarke(1884-1960) was born in Adelaide and worked on the trains between Adelaide and Kalgoolie during the goldrush of the 1890’s. Family memory is that he resigned from the railways 1909 and took a job with McCalls …

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The Morley Family

Diane - March 29, 2015
Enderslea Farm Chittering Valley

Henry and Sarah Morley arrived at the Swan River Colony on 30th January, 1830, on board the Wanstead. They left their home near Brighton, England in July 1829 with a three year old daughter Jane. A second daughter, Joannah, was born a sea five weeks before their arrival. After a time in Australind and Upper Swan, Henry assisted in surveying the Blue Plains Road in 1851 and …

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Cricket at Enderslea

Diane - March 28, 2015
Enderslea Farm Chittering Valley Cricket

In April 1886 a Cricket Match between the Chittering and Culham Clubs was held at Enderslea Farm to raise funds to build the local Holy Trinity Church. 30 pounds was raised. Later again “the people of the district kept a general holiday when cricket, racing and other popular sports were held. After dinner at mid-day, tea in the evening was followed by a simple dramatic performance, music and …

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A Postcard from Enderslea

Diane - March 27, 2015
Enderslea Farm Chittering Valley Historic Postcard

MARY ANNE FRIEND wrote a diary during her voyage out to Western Australia in 1829. She was the wife of the WANSTEAD’S master Captain Mathew Curling Friend and this trip has particular interest as Henry and Sarah Morley were travelling below decks as steerage passengers on this same voyage. In 2012 the State Library obtained Mary Anne Friend’s diary, a document of great Australian and …

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A film crew..

Diane - March 26, 2015
Enderslea Farm War Horse Filming

Enderslea Farm was used as a location by the film crew for the film The Walers War Horse in early 2014. It was a really interesting day watching all the activity. I had never seen anything like it before. Apparently of the 300,000 odd horses that were shipped to Europe and Gallipoli only one was ever returned to Australia. Many horses of course were killed …

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Shepherd’s Hut at Enderslea

Diane - March 24, 2015
chimney for Sarah of Enderslea Farm

The original Shepherds Hut that probably Caroline Morley and her ticket of leave husband Daniel Baughan shared on Enderslea Farm in 1853 after they were married. This is all that’s left of the Shepherd’s Hut, circled in red in this drawing of Enderslea Farm c. 1877.

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Western Australia Colonial Furniture

Diane - March 23, 2015
Enderslea Farm Chittering Valley Ken and Sydney Clarke

There is an interesting collection of early Western Australia Colonial furniture at Enderslea Farm. The farm itself was established in 1853 so pre Gold Rush furniture seemed the appropriate way to furnish. Henry and Sarah Morley arrived in Perth on the Wanstead on January 30th 1830.They were servants to Colonel Latour but his plans immediately collapsed so Henry and Sarah Morley with their two young …

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