A new addition to Enderslea Collections

June 6, 2015

I have a collectors gene surely inherited from my father Ken Clarke. For instance he was always interested in adding vintage farming equipment to that which was already left at Enderslea Farm when he bought it in 1975. We have lots of various pieces….unfortunately most rusting outside as it is just too demanding to keep them in good condition. We do have a big old shearing shed and what is kept under that, some of them wooden, are in better condition. In the stone barn we have an antique wooden thresher and a wooden citrus grading machine. We also have two old pumps down by the stream. Ive been told I should cover them both with molasses and a barbeque cover to protect them from the elements. That’s another job to do.
I prefer to collect more domestic objects, as shown by my latest piece, the old victorian tray shown here. It really is very nice and because it is relatively large it is utilitarian rather than just for appearances. In fact a group of 23 visitors from the Glyde In Community Centre is coming for lunch in a few days and Ill be able to use it to give them their first course of Mushroom soup in mugs. They will probably need something warm as unfortunately it is forecast to rain.

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